Dreaming is a Life Rope

Backstory: I ran into a guy I haven’t seen in the ten years it’s been since high school at a bar; I was telling my mom about it & asked if it was bad that I was hoping he was single.

Mom: of course that is not bad… it is day dreaming… dreaming is a life rope
Me: oh ok.
Me: i’ll trust you this time. :P
Mom: heh, my mother, on the other hand, used to always say, get your head out of the clouds
Mom: thank god i didnt listen to her

Big Butt Karma

Backstory: My mother apparently ran into someone who was rather unfriendly to me in High School.  Karma I guess.

I wanted to tell you last nite, but Dad was on the phone and he would have gotten mad.  But we saw M[high school acquaintance] at the old Albert’s. And she has gained a lot of wait, her butt is big.  I shouldn’t be this way, but it shocked me.

Beware the Savage Beast Girls of High School

Backstory: My youngest brother started high school and is quite into “looking the part”. His hipster-ish look and nonchalant demeanor have already attracted lots of attention from the girls, so mom wanted to make sure he’s safe.

J looked so cute today when I dropped him off at his first day of H.S. He had his skinny jeans on with E’s old Mash t-shirt, and his flip flops. He looked really cute. I prayed with him this morning and asked protection for him from the savage beast girls that were going to be after him.

How American Idol is Like High School

Backstory: 1) I go to my mom’s every week for reality TV Tuesday, lately featuring ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘American Idol.’ 2) My mom’s mental list of times she got ripped off by friends/family members/arch rivals dates back to early childhood, with many highlights from her high school heyday.

What do you think of Shawn? Gilles should have won, of course. That seems to be an omen for Adam – underdog Kris will win. Meredith Viera totally said the whole “common knowledge” thing this morning. “Adam is so talented but I just love Kris, he’s so sweet, blah, blah, blah!” It’s that kind of thinking that lost me homecoming queen and Best All Around!

The seniors were captured

I went shopping the other day and restrained myself from buying stuff for your apartment because if I were you I would want to do it all myself.

However, if there are things you want, or things you want me to watch for on sale, let me know and I will keep my eagle eyes open.

Also, the seniors released tame bunnies in the courtyard–only a few, they have all been captured and are being relocated to a farm.  The seniors were also captured and are being relocated to their parents’ homes for graduation night.

Timbaland Goes Back to High School

Well, I just got back from an assembly with Timbaland, known as Tim Mosely when he was a Salem High student in the 90′s. He did not really sing, but did some beat-box (I guess) kind of thing and some of his music played during different parts and at the end. He talked mostly and the kids were just going crazy — a good crazy! Anyway, thought I would share what was an otherwise boring morning.

Bye and love,
Love, Mom

Love, Mom