A Horse is a Horse, Except When It’s a Dog

Backstory: Charlie is my mom’s dog.

Yesterday Charlie and I walked into town.  On the way I passed a man with a huge dog.  I commented that he was as big as a horse.  He said he is bigger than some horses, but he is very friendly.  A few minutes later I passed a woman walking a miniature horse down State Street on the sidewalk like it was a dog.  Pretty funny.  You don’t see that every day.

Horse Trading

Backstory: My mom is thinking of getting another horse for my little sister (G), and I asked her what was wrong with the one she has now (Foxy).
Mom: This is a hunt horse we may get for G
Me: Ooooh, pretty! But what about Foxy???
Mom: Yeah-well……we may end up with a yard ornament.
Me: Haha, what?? What’s wrong with Foxy?
Mom: She’s a cranky bitch when she has her period (estrus (sp)) -she may or may not want to be ridden;  It’s her choice.  There’s an old saying about horses:  you can tell a gelding to do something, you can ask a stallion to do something, but you will discuss your options with a mare.

Love, Mom