A Little Husband-Related Advice

Backstory: My mother in law sent this in an email titled “little advice” after she saw pics of my hubby in my summer photos on facebook.

mom: Sweetheart, if you must take a photo of my baby without a shirt, PLEASE DON’T POST IT.  He looks very big and I worry about him.  Has he gained a lot since last year?  Love, Mom

me: Sure but I guess I will be posting no pics of him then except winter because he is always shirtless in the summer. Also Everyone looks heavier in photos and rest assured he hasn’t put on any weight since last year. He works out religiously and has passed all his check ups. Hope your all well. How are you doing on the quitting smoking? Love, Me

My Son-In-Law, The Snake

Backstory: My mother decided to send me my Chinese Horoscope for 2009 and check my compatibility with my husband

Yep he’s a snake. Here’s his compatibility with you:

Snake and DOG
Mutual respect and some area of common interest. No large conflicts. Compatible to a good degree. Will cooperate amicably.

But snakes and pigs (me) don’t get along. Especially when they make fun of Obama. Hahaha.

Buxom Mother Wants Grapes, Not Sweets

I forgot to tell you that I ate all the sweets you bought and left behind at Xmas–I don’t even particularly like sweets!…I am really going to change my eating habits and enjoy eating fresh fruit and veg. To that end I have just purchased a bag of grapes. I mean it this time I am going to get in shape and feel good about it. Phil is now so fat that when he rolls over in bed he takes all the covers with him and I end up freezing – I know too much information-he says a dog is the answer – I said I’m not sleeping with a dog-thought that may make you chuckle! Your buxom mother xx

Change Will Do You Good

It is amazing what we think we want then get tired of once we get it. It is probably good to make a change about ever 5-6 years anyway just to keep motivated.

Guess I do that with husbands! Yikes! Done with that yo!

Love, Mom