Taking Nopers

Mom: How’s your knee? Are you taking anything for it?
Me: Nopers
Mom: What are Nopers?
Me: HA!
Mom: Not Kidding…what are they? Illegal?
Me: Nopers is a joking word meaning no, nope, noper and alas, nopers…..not taking anything.

Nothing Can Stop the Hunt

Well, your dad got distracted at work today … 4 hours in the ER and 2 stitches. He got his left wrist smashed in a vice. Of course all he can think about is the hunt this weekend. For heaven’s sake! Keep him out of trouble!? Stay warm xoxo

Toe Bruise Update

Hi Kitten. You will be very happy to know that I was picking at my toenails and the swelling under it popped and all this black stuff came out onto the floor. It looks much better now.

Love, Mom