At Least Look at Him!

Oh, what a Mensch ….. Honey, you’ve been seeing that bum long enough. He promises you the world but never delivers.
My girlfriend is on Jdate and thinks this guy, “Jedigolf” would be great for you.
PLEASE, make Mom happy, at least look at him.

Looking for Jobs and Husbands

Mom: Have you been to this website? It has a lot of jobs on it.
Me: Yes mom, I know about it.
Mom: Well, you should read it. I just e-mailed it to you.
Me: Yes dear.
Mom: I was bored on my lunch hour so I did that.
Me: You were bored so you looked for jobs for me? If I had a better job already would you be looking for a husband for me?
Mom: That’s next. That’s why I asked you if you knew about J Date.

Putting Your Eggs In One Jewish Basket

On second thought, I can’t tell you what to do; it is just my suggestion. I think you need to be careful that you don’t spoil a guy. You don’t want a cheap guy.

What do you think of this Jdate member — xxxx13 — do you think you should contact him before the month runs out? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.

I ordered the dryer rack and a couple of other things. HINT: Buy some whole black peppercorns.

Love, Mom