Actually, I Don’t Get It

Me: Do you want to hear my new favorite joke?
Mom: Of course.
Me: ok, what do vegan zombies eat?
Mom: What?
Me: Ha ha!!
Mom: Ha ha!!!
Me: I love it.
Mom: Well, actually, I don’t get it.
Me: They eat grains instead of brains because they’re vegan.
Mom: Do zombies usually eat brains?
Me: Yeah, that’s what zombies eat. Are you not up on your zombie literature?
Mom: I guess not. But I learn something new every day! Now, what’s a vegan?

Work Hijinks

Backstory: M. is her co-worker and D. is her boss.

m. and I are trying to think of a prank to pull on d.  There’s is currently a bucket of water (catching a leak) in the opera house attic that has a rotten rat floating in it.   we want to plant a fake rat and some gut juice or something near his desk.  Any creative ideas??

Love, Mom