Tramp Stamp, the Latest Dance Craze

Me: So I used one of those Justin Bieber tattoos to do a BiebsĀ  tramp stamp in honor of his birthday.
Mom: What’s a tramp stamp? Is that a dance?
Mom: Well, I don’t know.
Me: It’s a tattoo. That you put on your lower back. Right above your ass.
Mom: Ohhhh…did you wear a short shirt so everyone could see it?

Urgent SNL Questions

OK, two questions:
has Tina Fey had breast implants? It was strange to see her staged so sexily…
Justin Bieber? The new kid on the block? I admit, I’d never heard of him. Usher discovered him on youtube? huh? probably not only teen girls who have the hots for him…\’night

Love, Mom