Talking Ear Gauges With the Big Guy

Backstory: I saw an abandoned cart on Fat Tuesday in the grocery store parking lot with a 12-pack of ginger ale on the bottom of it. No one was around, so I took it… And felt terrible immediately (but still didn’t go back to return it).
Mom: I’ll be at Trinity Cathedral at 6 tonight for Ash Wednesday service, in case you’d like to repent for the ginger ale thing.
Me: I would but don’t get out of work until 5:30 and I am driving this week so Dan would have no way home.
Mom: Dan can come with you! I’m sure he’d like to talk those ear gauges with the Big Guy!
Mom: btw, was thinking of giving up wine for Lent…but then at church the sermon was about not giving something up, but adding something in. so I bought a lenten daily reading book and that’s what I’m doing. And today’s reading was about being nicer.
Mom: So there.
Mom: How about you??? giving up stealing, perhaps???

Love, Mom