Lessons From Nature

Backstory: My Mother’s reflection on the ways of the world after watching a Moose in the rut make love to a mailbox.

Mom: Men have enough blood for either their “manhood” or their brains but not both at the same time.
Me: truer words have never been spoken

How to Get Through Your 20s

here are some ideas

1. drink more chamomile tea or water
2. do gentle exercising like yoga or walking
3. call yo momma

4. email yo momma
5. cry, scream, or etc. maybe while watching a sad movie or is Saw V too much?

6. call your mother
7. email your mother.

8. be even more healthy than you already are
9. i used counseling several times in my life (premarital, family as you know)

10 call me, email me, study russian, read, pray a lot

it sounds like it is hormonal/chemical so what can you do?  just be
extra good to yourself and don’t get too thin – stay like you are now
- you are totally beautiful!

Love, Mom