Love Story

Hey Jelly!

Tomorrow I have to get up at 5 because one of my Java Java coffee buddies recently became a widower.  He is about 80.  He contacted an old fraternity buddy of his and found out that the woman he was engaged to before he broke it off to go fight in WWII is a widow!!!  He gave her a call and he is catching a 7:30 flight tomorrow morning to go see her!  I really have to laugh.  His wife has only been dead less than a month and he is out in the field!!!!!  He says what he is truly looking for is a 28 year old nymphomaniac!!!!


How Sweet Is Young Love

Backstory: My 15 yr old niece is “in love” for the first time.  She lives with my Mom so she’s been keeping me updated.

Me: So what’s it like to observe unjaded, unscarred young love blossom?
Mom: Mostly, I just feel sorry for them.

be strong yet gentle with both your hearts!

oh sweety I wish I could cuddle up with you
love has such a way with our hearts
think of all the poetry music paintings etc that have been created out of love loss and heartbreak
it is the universal language
be strong yet gentle with both your hearts
be forgiving and strong altogether
I am blessed to have you for a daughter and sad but true I know a little about heartbreak……………..

and a different note we spent the most spectacular day at Sanitarian
my dream come true
mama Mia!
tomorrow naphlio and the Athens

“World’s heaviest man marries in Mexico”

Puppy, if this guy could find true love then there MUST be a Mr. Right out there for you and for me.  See…

life is short. ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST.

well i did something i thought i would never do again – though i knew it would happen sooner or later……………………………i told someone
I LOVED HIM…………………..

well, maybe i’ll vacuum b/c the apartment is driving me NUTS and i will not be able to concentrate with the messiness and this class.  i’m going to the farm to water and mow later.  it will help with the stress.

i am soooooooooooooooooooooooo glad you found a more peaceful way to travel to/from work.

life is short. ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST.

i am so very proud of you.

love,momma xooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Multiple Choice

I’ve continued to think about our conversation last night and want more answers…..because I am your MOM and want to know! So the likelyhood of ever getting back together again is:
5) Never
4) I would consider it
3) She would consider it
2) Both of us would consider it at sometime in the future
1) I am just to stubborn to consider the possibility and unwilling to take a chance.
Think about the response.

Love, Mom