Forget the iPad…

me: you see this? <iPad Link>
mom: yes. looks reallynice
me: yesh. my boss is planning on getting one…. geek
mom: yep. perfect for a post meno woman
me: 10 hours active use, that made me think of you
mom: u just want me to get one so u can check it out
mom: forget the netbook i want a kotex

Happy Birthday to You (And Your Ovaries)

Backstory: This occurred on my 38th birthday, when she was IMing to wish me a Happy Birthday.

Mom: Do you have a good ob/gyn?

Me: I guess so, why?

Mom: You should really get someone good, lots of women who haven’t had kids yet go into early menopause at 38.

Me: Well happy birthday to me! Why would you say that?

Mom: I didn’t. I didn’t go there.

Me: A) Since when do you even say “go there”? and B) Yes, you did, it’s right there on the screen, was someone else typing?

Mom: Ok, new topic.

Michael Jackson and Menopause Brain

Me: LA Times just confirmed the King of Pop died… :(
Mom: It’s so sad and shocking. I know he was weird but I still remember him as a kid and then in his 20s when he was at the top. Awesome then.
Me: I know. You should make R [my brother] do the moonwalk in rememberance. He’s so good at it!
Mom: I didn’t know that!
Me: What?! He used to always do it when we were kids!!
Mom: There goes my menopause brain again

Love, Mom