Michael Jackson Funeral: The Analysis

Backstory: My mom is secretly obsessed with Michael Jackson and also is fascinated by twitter but refuses to get one because she doesn’t know what she would tweet about.

Mom: I’m watching the Michelle Jackson memorial on tv. It’s very nice but also sad.

Me: oh I’m in class I can’t watch it

mom: Im sure they will replay it. I keep remembering the teenaged mj. He was so cute, but had so many issues.

Me: are the perormances good?

Mom: They have been very nice. Lionel richey and mar├Čah carey were both near tears. I wasn.t sure if they could finish. It has had several songs about jesus.

Mom: His little girl just said he was the best daddy ever. Special on him tonight on abc. I wont bother you anymore.

Me: no I like your updates.

Mom: just like Twitter!

Michael Jackson and Menopause Brain

Me: LA Times just confirmed the King of Pop died… :(
Mom: It’s so sad and shocking. I know he was weird but I still remember him as a kid and then in his 20s when he was at the top. Awesome then.
Me: I know. You should make R [my brother] do the moonwalk in rememberance. He’s so good at it!
Mom: I didn’t know that!
Me: What?! He used to always do it when we were kids!!
Mom: There goes my menopause brain again

Love, Mom