Which One Wants to Pull the Plug?

Dad and I are going on Wed. to have our wills updated. Which one of you wants to handle the $$$$$ (executor)  and which one wants to pull the plug (health care proxy)?

Investment Advice

If you see an extra $1000 in your checking act. don’t spend it. it’s for your Retirement act. or don’t spend it on trash and not tell me.

Facebook Hoes?

Me: There was something I forgot to tell you earlier and now I can’t remember at all…
Mom: about the party? money?  Facebook hoes ?

Score a Point for Satan

Backstory: My sister and I were arguing about who owed money to whom.  We were NOT upset, but my mother heard about it.

Dad called and I told him that you both were upset over money. He said,”My Gosh, I can’t believe that they would get their feelings hurt over a few dollars. Have they forgotten how blessed they are that they have each other and they have jobs and are not starving.”

You two have allowed money to influence your relationship with each other. Score a point for Satan.

Dad told me to stay out of it.

Love, MOM

Drunken Cell Phone Promises

Me: find out how much it is to break the cell phone contract and maybe i can pay for half
Mom: gee when you were drunk, you said you’d pay all of it.
Mom: so we’ll just get you liquored up and whip out your checkbook.
Me: shit
Mom: yeah, that too.

Mom’s Recession Plan

I think you should find someone who is very smart – knows a lot of “stuff “and the two of you make it a goal to find that guy who does Cash Cab. What a great show, what a great idea, and what if you won some $$$$$!

The World’s Biggest Girl Who Cried Wolf

Thought I was getting fired, got a bonus instead.


YOU ARE THE WORLDS BIGGEST GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF I HAVE EVER KNOWN BUT I LOVE YOU TO PCS.  So nice that my lil princess can afford half of her own crown now. muhahhahhah

Frugal is Very IN Right Now

My roommate and I decided to bring in a third roommate to share my room in our apartment to cut on costs and I was upset about the lack of independence it would bring.


I hope you had a great day and are looking forward to the future! Just because you now have a roommate does not mean you are going backwards – instead you are resourceful in order to keep the money you earn and save for the future you want. A little sacrifice now tastes so much sweeter later. IT should get you excited to find ways to save yourself some of that hard earned money. Frugal is very IN right now and it is very self satisfying. Cangratulate yourself and pat yourself on the back – I am proud of you. It is not shameful to save money – on the contrary. Satan wants you to think you are deprived but when you take control you have the power over money. DOnt serve it let money serve you!

Love you and I am proud of you. Be so grateful for this opportunity. God is providing.



Mom’s Xmas List

k, So here’s what I came up with:

Gift cards for any of the following stores:
AC Moore
Auntie’s Beads.com

And on my not as likely list:

a winning million dollar lottery ticket
a permanent state room on the Royal Carribbean Cruise ship or a cottage in Bermuda
you know, when you become rich and hugely successful and don’t know what to get me!!!!

ixnay on the “m”-ay

Backstory: I am saving money to leave on a full time mission for my church but my work doesn’t know that I am leaving.  My mother sent an email to my work address asking if I would like to rake leaves for money for my mission fund.  I emailed her back saying sure but didn’t she have german class.  I also told her to ixnay on the “M” word in work emails… this is here smart alec response.

ok your *o* would appreciate it if you could co*e over on saturday during the day and rake and bag leaves.  I dont have to be there…As for ger*an class your aunt and I are going to see a ger*an play at Stratford and to brunch at one of our class*ates.

The Economics of Drinking

Mom: What are you doing for fun?

Me: I was going to see an outside movie with friends yesterday, but it got canceled so we went to a bar.

Mom: Is that what you do, go to bars?

Me: Uh, that’s what there is in Williamsburg.

Mom: Are you becoming a heavy drinker?

Me: I couldn’t afford that.

Mom: That’s the reason you’re not?

My husband lives like a pauper

Did I tell you that I called the producer at Millionaire to re-schedule my air date?  I told them I relocated to Reno and that I couldn’t make the July date.  They said,”No problem…we’ll call you and send a letter after we look at the schedule”.  I really think I can do well on that show.  If I make some big bucks I will NOT give it to my husband.  I will split it up between you and your sister.  My husband doesn’t need money.  He’s got his squirreled away and lives like a pauper so I’ll dispense any award money where it will be put to good use.

Trust Me, I Know.

Backstory: This email was a reply to one I sent about my money troubles.

if you cut down a little bit on your drinking when you are out-that may help.  sometimes when you are having fun and drinking-money doesn’t seem to matter. trust me, I know.

love love,



dad needs you’re account and routing number, you’re odometer reading and some other things.  we also need you’re address.

what’s going on?

(sorry for the bursting bubble)

$130-$200 per ticket? Well Shit, that’s just too much money for a concert. We might just have to have a night of Van at home and think of the appropriate foods to go with that. Besides, I think he’s pretty hidious to look at (sorry for the bursting bubble). Maybe it’s better to keep the fantasy alive.

Love you,


Mother’s Day Weekend

Julie ~ I’m planning on giving you $30 to help off set the cost of your gas to come down this weekend. I know weekend trips to come here are a burden on your finances as far as gas goes. So, there is no need for you to work Saturday just for gas money to come to my house, if you don’t want to. Anyways….just thought I’d let you know that.

Love, Mom

Love, Mom