The Happiest Place

Backstory: I live in the city and come home to the suburbs for Christmas. I did all of my Christmas shopping online and shipped it to my parent’s house. I got a beaded jewelry set for my little cousin…

i get home last night and you had a card on the table to pick up a package from the post office, signature required… so I say “hmmmm she probably needs this for X-Mas soooo I’ll be a good Momma and pick it up”
I reviewed the “from” area on the receipt… it was hand written in chicken scratch from “My happy place” and I said holy crap maybe I shouldn’t pick this up!!! I really don’t want  to lnow about your happy place….
But once I did get it this morning (after announcing that this was NOT  MY PACKAGE in the post office) it was from  “My Hobby Place”……hehehhe boy did I feel better.
Love ya Momma

Love, Mom