Good Thinking

Mom: btw, do you have any embarrassing you tube or facebook stuff online
Mom: they google people now
Mom: they especially look at facebook and myspace
Me: nah, all my sex tapes are under a pseudonym
Mom: good thinking


Mom: You know, it’s a good thing I don’t have a YourFace account, because then I would be on the internet all day long.

Me: Ummm… MySpace?

Mom: Oh yeah, I guess that’s it.

The Momma Mafia

Hey guys, just accept my myspace invite for playing mafia wars. It will let me try to beat the crap out of daddy if you join my mafia family. You don’t really have to do anything, I don’t think but you might get killed off of my family if you don’t play too. It really is a more solo game to play than group play. But I could use the ‘numbers’ in my family.

Hookers on MySpace?

This is a weird question, but does your boyfriend get hookers trying to be his “friend” on MYSPACE? Dad had 2 this week and it’s annoying me. I don’t know how they are finding him.

I shouldn’t be writing. I’m not in a very good mood.
Write back when you have time. LOve you.

So how long have you smoked pot???????????//

Interesting picture of you on your my spacepage.  So how long have you smoked pot???????????//

Just so you know, potential employers will look to see if you have a myspace page. I’m not sure you’d really want them to see this.  Nice URL Address: penis envy………………great


Love, Mom