Aspirational New Year’s Resolutions

Backstory: My New Year’s resolution was to quit smoking.  My mom had apparently had a few which compromised her texting abilities.

Mom: Have you quit smoking!
Me: Pretty much
Mom: Cool.  I have given up drinkin4
Me: Why did you quit!?
Mom: Still dimling.
Mom: Got any cigarettes?

A Bikini Job in the New Year

You know, I’ve been thinking about that New Year’s Eve we spent in Montezuma.  Wonder if they still have a street dance at midnight?   Would love to buy that little hotel and work in my bathing suit (I know, I’d have to get a new one) all day.  There’s the goal for the coming year–a bikini job, ha!


Mom’s New Year’s Resolution-Slash-Guilt Trip

Backstory: This was my mother’s response to my asking what her new year’s resolutions are. Obviously, she’s a little bitter over my busy lifestyle!

To improve my health. You should pray that I stay healthy. If I get sick, I won’t want you around. No time for me when I’m well… you live with it. Your choice.

Love, Mom