New Year’s Cleaning

Mom: was going to get in the shower, put pjs in the wash.. decided to vacuum the house… in socks and Birkenstocks. (you are welcome for that picture!)
Me: LMAO!!
Mom: Have added a scarf to my cleaning ensemble
Me: Nips get chilly?
Mom: yes, and hit one on the door… ouch! hahaha

Happy New Year… Two Weeks Late

Mom: Ok, I have a question and i need you to a) not be a brat about it and b) not be nice for the sake of being nice

Me: Um,ok?

Mom: Is it too late to send out Happy New Year cards?

Me: Yes.

Mom: You answered so fast! You didn’t even think about it. Why would you say yes so fast?

Me: Why do you even ask me these things?

Happy New Year

Today is a Holy Day of Obligation



New Year’s Brrrrrrrr

OK, so the temp. is 10 degrees with a wind chill of 8 degrees below zero right now. It is too fucking cold and snowy and windy.

Happy Fuckin New Year!!!! Woop Dee Doo!!!!

I’m freezing my ass off,


Wild And Crazy New Years

I wish you a Happy New Year!!  It was wonderful to have you home.  Have a fun New Year’s Eve and behave.  Do not get into too much trouble with your antique coat rack!!

Love you bunches,

Love, Mom