Bryant Park, Land of Opportunity

Today I was at a luncheon and the speaker was a man named Dan B—– who has done lots of urban space development….particularly in NYC – and he spoke a lot about Bryant Park – you need to hang out there more!!! Over 5000 people have met their spouses there! They have such wonderful activities – check it out!!

Brilliant and Lowbrow

More notices for Love, Mom in the press! We were featured in New York’s Approval Matrix this week in the brilliant and lowbrow quadrant — exactly where we like it. In addition, Doree blogged about the book in the Huffington Post, Jessica did an interview with the internet radio show On The HomeStretch, and their moms answered reader questions on Remember kiddies, Mother’s Day is only a month away and our book is the perfect gift for the discerning matriarch.

They May Try To Cut Off Your Finger!

Honey, i have been thinking about your trip to New York tomorrow and I am worried about your wedding ring. I think you should leave it at home. You know there are criminals up there who may see your ring while you are walking around and try to steal it. They will do anything to get what they want – if they can’t pull it off easily, they may try to cut off your finger or your hand to get it. They’ll cut it right off without thinking twice!!!! Don’t forget you need your left hand to type at work. I don’t think it’s worth the risk.

Call me when you land.
xoxo, mom

Uncle Junior’s Eyeglasses

This was a real New York moment at Glaser’s landmark (1902) family-style bake shop on the upper east side where I tried on a nice guy’s eyeglasses to see how his transition lenses worked (they turn from sunglass outdoor to regular glass indoors). He told me he got them from Sol Moscot on Delancey Street (family business started from a pushcart in 1899) and to tell Sol that Uncle Jr. sent me and that I’d get a good discount. “Uncle Jr.” looked and sounded familiar to me, and after he left the shop the counter girl told me it was the Soprano guy (he’s a regular customer there and lives in the neighborhood) and he’s a real sweetheart.
Guess where I want to go this weekend!!

Love, Mom