Today in Mom News: How Did You Choose Your Child’s Name?

The excellent website Babble is fielding the following question from a stumped Momma-to-be: How do you pick a baby name? Jessica’s mom was inspired by the Merchant of Venice when she named her daughter. She thought she was being original. Little did she know that Jessica was the most popular name for girls in 1982. D’oh! We want to hear about how you chose your child’s name or how your mother chose your name. Post your stories in the comments below.

Today in Mom News: Does Motherhood Affect Memory?

We’re going to try something new here at Postcards–every day or so we’re going to throw in a piece of mom-related news just to keep things interesting and provoke discussion. Today, via Lisa Belkin’s Motherlode blog at the New York Times, does motherhood affect…wait what was I typing? Oh yes! Memory! This common malady is also known as “baby brain” or “mumnesia,” but a new study shows that moms are just as forgetful as non-moms. The only time cognitive function declines for women is in very late pregnancy. For the moms: Did you find that you were more forgetful while you were preggo? For the daughters: did your moms forget everything they didn’t write down? [New York Times]

We Should Probably Stop Hugging.

Mom: i just heard an awful story in the news today
Me: oh?
Mom: some kid in texas pretended to hug his mom and then stabbed her
Me: holy shit! that’s horrible!
Me: i’d never stab you
Mom: i know, but to be sure we probably should stop hugging

Love, Mom