Hockey Problems

Backstory: My mother comes from a country on the equator. She the watched America vs. Canada in the olympics, it was her first hockey experience.

The problem with hockey is that everyone has a stick.

Mom the Olympics Commentator

Are you able to see any of the Bob Costas interviews on line or anything?
Just wondering if you’ve caught any of his chats with Dick Button about the figure skating.
I couldn’t help but notice that Dick Button’s feet are HUGE!!!!!
It’s incredible ~ looks like he’s got gum boats on the bottoms of his legs!!!
Knowing how much we loved to hate Dick Button, I couldn’t help but wish that you were with me to comment on his feet……..
love you,

Olympic-Sized Warning

Honey, be careful during the olympics, there’s going to be so many extra people and probably lots more rapists. And you’re a perfect target for a rapist because you’re cute and small. You’re really easy to carry off because you’re practically pocket sized. So just look ugly when you go out. Wear your hair in a pony tail or something.

Mommas, Obamas, Margaritas

I thought the speech was outstanding!!!!! It actually made me cry. The stadium worked better than I thought it would. They should have held it in the Bird’s Nest and let the Chinese handle the fireworks!!! I am so relived.

I bet the Republicans are shaken!!!! (speeches sound even better while consuming one of your dad’s Margaritas!!!)

Mom OX

Morbid Gold Medal Musings

Oh OD (other daughter!)- did you realize Misty screwed up and when she went to scatter Mamma, they were putting up the medal platform and the ashes went on the platform??  So I guess she wasnt scattered to the winds but walked out of the stadium on the feet of the medalist. I wish I could say something meaningful here but it is just one of those things that is better left to ones imagination.  Misty Mae and whatshername now want to have babies together–well, not like that but you know…  Please dont scatter my ashes.  I want to be in a box. xoxo

Breaking Olympic News

Hi Darling.  Michael Phelps shaves his pits.

Mom’s Hungarian Olympic Pride

Yol Regalt Kischlan,

Tonight begins the Olympics and hence the Hungarian quest for gold medals in water polo. Here is the schedule,

8/10/08 Hungary vs. Montegenero 10:50 (record this one)

8/12/08 Hungary vs. Greece 9:30

8/14/08 Hungary vs. Spain 9:30

8/16/08 Hungary vs. Australia 16:40 (4:40)

8/18/08 Hungary vs. Canada 12:10

Watch the games, I know you are not a sports junkie….but there is beauty, drama, pride and politics here… and of course those oh-so-clever Magyars!



Love, Mom