Passive Aggressive Poster Girl

Backstory: My roommate doesn’t care for me and does nothing to hide it.

This girl sound like she should be the “Passive Aggressive poster girl.” Anger issues? She’s out of control so she wants to control you? The less you seem to let it bother you, the more angry she gets? Try a good old-fashioned “bitch slap” Only kidding…I just love to say it…bitch slap…bitch slap…bitch slap.

Don’t Passive-Aggressive-Smile-Face-ME

Mom:  So when we come to Sydney can we stay at yours?

Mom: Hello?

Me: Oh. Sure. Well, actually there are a number of awesome hotels just a two minute walk from my house. I’ve just emailed you a bunch of links. Have a look! Am happy to book any of them for you. But, yeah, of course you are welcome to stay at mine, if you really want to.

Me: Mom?

Mom: You were welcome to stay in my uterus for nine months, and then my house for 17 years. But I understand, a week at your apartment might be a bit … much. :)

Me: Don’t you passive-aggressive-smile-face-ME, woman.

Mom: Fuck off. Love you – M.

Love, Mom