Today In Mom News: Happy Easter/Passover!

Since it’s Good Friday, we thought we’d go down PFYM memory lane and post a few holiday-related postcards from our early days. We’d love to hear your favorite, silliest momma memories from Easter and Passover in the comments. Did your mom drink too much Passover wine? Maybe she made an obscene gesture with a marshmallow peep!? Does she still buy you an Easter basked even though you’re 35? Comment away!

Holy Easter Text: Hi Sweet <3, R U kmng hm Th or Fr? Aftr al itz estr! jesus.

Fancy Matzah: would you like me to mail you some chocolate/caramel covered matzah?

Post-Lent Party!: was thinking of giving up wine for Lent…

A Little Multidenominational Advice

Talking about being hung over after celebrating Passover on Good Friday is really inviting a Smiteing and hell fire, dontcha think? … careful..


I just electronically deposited $ into your checking account. You can buy extra Passover wine or pay your rent or whatever.

I love you, sweetheart.



Passover Concerns

Me: i forgot how good matzah with butter and salt is
Mom: careful of the constipating action in case you have too much without enough fruits and vegs fyi. I enjoyed mine this a.m. too.

Love, Mom