Patience Is a Virtue

Backstory: I got impatient while trying to give my mom computer support.

I learned all by myself. Yea me.  It’s a good thing I had more patience that you do, you might still not be potty-trained.

Mommy Group Madness

Me: Mom, I thought I would share with you the type of emails I am now receiving from my mommy group.
Subject line, “4 year old holding poop”
Mom: What?
Me: I guess this poor little guy is having a hard time pooping and the mom wants some advice as to how to help her son feel comfortable to go poop
Mom: Who ever knew kids did this… I am so out of it that I thought it was literally HOLDING it, as  in “in the hand”, sort of like the poop that floated up in the wading pool when we all visited grandma and you were in the wading pool in her back yard.
Me: thanks mom

Love, Mom