More Unwanted Advice Coming Soon…

If you have the time, please let us know when we can come down. We will resort to going to the zoo and “dropping in” if we don’t hear from you soon. Maybe a month at Thanksgiving, two months for Xmas, six months for Easter.
ps, I think you need a litter of puppies-3 or 4, a cat and some goldfish.Maybe a mouse or two, because you have the time.
Love some more
I’m sure I can think of more unwanted advice, but I’m only into my first cup of coffee.

Batman’s Running For Office

love you…did I tell you Val Kilmer wants to be the governor of New Mexico…..he is fat….

discussion on boy and girl anatomy parts

Good news! I called Huffy who makes the retro bike she REALLY wants, and asked if they make it in 24″ and they do! (BUT) only for Walmart! So, I got on line and ordered a 24″ Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser and got free shipping to boot! Dad and I were having an intense verbal exchange about my lack of coordination and driving skills while I attempted to ride (in the store) the 26″ Cranbrook Crusier that we found at the Alabaster walmart. It also led us into discussion on boy and girl anatomy parts. I tried to explain to him that girls parts are on the inside so it has to be comfortable to ride and that boy parts were on the outside, so it didn’t matter. He had a field day with that one, because I forgot they have a group down there, not just a solo performer! Oh, oh, almost forgot…so I ordered it and it was cheaper than the 26″…$79.00 instead of $95 and with tax it was $85.00. Okay, gotta go. mom

Mom’s Serious Side

mom:  chris bale is a scumbag
he assaulted his mother

me: since when do you call him chris?
that’s going up as my gchat status

mom: will you stop quoting me in your gchat status?
i feel like you are making fun of me
i only kid with you

me:  but you were being funny
I’m not making fun!!

mom:  i have to maintain my serious side

me:  OK mom

mom:  NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

me:  you try to be funny sometimes

mom:  i don’t need to try to be funny, i automatically am
i had my hair colored today
it looks good

Locked Out

Backstory: I e-mailed my mom to tell her (after bragging about not doing it for several months) I had finally locked myself out of the house.

I remember the time I locked you in the car accidentally when you were napping and at the same time I was locked out of the apartment cause the keys were attached to the same ones that were in the car. .  (I did it twice).    I had to call your Dad to come get you out and get us in the apartment.  Yeah, good times.    Haaaaaaaa……….   Not funny, well sort of.

I’m SO ADD!   I’m trying to pack, not very well.   A long haul move is much easier to pack for than a short 5 minute move, cause you keep saying “Oh, I’ll just put this in the car like it is”….  UGH!

Have a better day.  I think I would rather be working for cash than this working.    Nah….  just kidding. Love ya,Mom


Dad and I saw Sara today and she will give us a picnic table and grill for Skylight. Plus a lot of beach stuff: chairs, umbrellas, inner tube, etc.  she is very nice. She is so much like her mom, it is strange. But her eyes are bigger.which is nice! Snowed a little tonight. We went to clean the office.

love you

Mom and dad
Ps are working on wills. Is there anything either of you specifically want mentioned?

Who wants the silver, the dishes, the ring, the gold locket or bracelet? The tiffany-style lamp, the grandfather clock, the oriental rugs? What do you specifically not want?

Love, Mom