“nasty” books

Backstory: Since I was laid off from work yesterday, my Mom decided to be helpful.

one of the teachers on my hall edits book, $100 per book. they send it to her online, she edits. there is a catch, these are “nasty” books…..she is kinda kinky.

Maybe you could find something you like? pocket money anyway


Backstory: I got laid off from my job and will be moving from California to Kentucky, back in with my Mom (at 27 years old).

Mom: I’m really glad you’re moving back but please don’t drive. I’d rather you fly.
Me: I’m gonna fix the car, don’t worry.
Mom: There’s mountains and other drivers and hitchhikers! But where will you sleep?
Me: I dunno…I’ll find some $12 Motel 6 in Oklahoma or something. And you honestly think I’m dumb enough to pick up a hitchhiker?
Mom: WITH THE PIMPS AND HOOKERS AT MOTEL 6? Are you trying to kill me?
Me: ROFL! Mom. Really. How many pimps and hookers do you see roaming the streets of Nowhere, Oklahoma???
Mom: I watch enough Crime TV to know. Fly here, or you’re paying rent. :-)

Mom’s New Job

Backstory: Mom just started a new temp job after being laid off a few months ago

Mom: So far so good. Off to do my drug test. Woohoo!
Me: Peeing in a cup, does it get any better?
Mom: I’ll let you know how the flow goes :)
Me: Gross

Mom’s Recession Advice

Mom: I figured I would talk to you about it when you came next weekend – are you coming?????????????

Me: umm, 90% sure

Mom: how come you are not out trick or treating?  ask for money . . .

Love, Mom
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