Regifting Revenge

Backstory: my Dad is notorious for giving bad gifts, so this year he decided to just get my Mom gift cards to the movies…

Dad’s birthday is 1/30, not sure what to do, but it is a friday night and maybe I will take him to dinner and a movie on the giftcard he gave me, Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just decided on that one and now that I think about it, it is next friday. Where oh where does the time go?

Panties And Subways

I am mailing you metro card which i just found which is valid through October 31st.

I also have some underwear that was mid-sized. It was labeled large but was quite tight on me and is probably a medium. I know you like a different style– thong or whatever, but these would probably fit you and are quite stretchy and sheer.

There were three to a package– I only tried on one, and would send the other never-worn two.

I will hold on to them in case you say you absolutely don’t want them.

Love, Mom