I Found Your New Boyfriend

Backstory: My mom is obsessed with this gay friendly church I used to go to…so they’re opening a new branch in my current neighborhood and she’s… very hopeful.

Did you check out the pictures from Trey’s Wicker Park church launch party? Thought I saw some good looking guys in the pictures! You may know all of them already but you know I’m always on the look for the future love of your life! :)


Backstory: I had written my mom and told her that I was just trying to “maintain”. This was her response.

MAINTAIN- know you can do it. Be sure to take good care of YOURSELF. Don’t let anyone take advantage of YOU. ESPECIALLY NOT YOUR WORK! Will talk later. I thought that you and Diego were “an item”? Maybe it’s just the pressure of work. But we can talk if you want to. Don’t write back-know you’re busy.

Love, your mom who is full of advice

Mom’s Idea of Romance

Mom: I was catching up on my shows today and I think I somehow erased the last episode of Rock of Love that you taped for me =( I really wanted to see who he picked
Me: There’s no tape involved, it’s Tivo. And why? That show is ridiculous!
Mom: I just wanted to see which one was his type…
Me: Young and skanky, that’s his type!!!!!!
Mom: Oh, you just hate romance.
Me: Romance?!? You think that’s romance?!?
Mom: Not everyone wears pearls and cardigans!

Mom’s Awkward Airport Pick Up

Hey honey! I’m at the airport and there is a whole team of UCLA basketball players. How serious are you about your boyfriend? I know you like chocolate.

be strong yet gentle with both your hearts!

oh sweety I wish I could cuddle up with you
love has such a way with our hearts
think of all the poetry music paintings etc that have been created out of love loss and heartbreak
it is the universal language
be strong yet gentle with both your hearts
be forgiving and strong altogether
I am blessed to have you for a daughter and sad but true I know a little about heartbreak……………..

and a different note we spent the most spectacular day at Sanitarian
my dream come true
mama Mia!
tomorrow naphlio and the Athens

Love, Mom