He’d Do The Same For You!

Do not forget that tomorrow is the 40th birthday of your brother. Rub it in. He would do the same for you!

Life does not get any better for me!!!!!!

Sorry I accidently hit the send message before I was finished with the last text message. Just wanted to say that my day consisted of:

Running on a beautiful beach in 70 degree weather. Taking a 2 hour nap then going for a nice leasurely strole along the boardwalk and getting myself a wonderful dinner of fresh seafood soup and salad. I had a wonderful Trader Joes chocolate bar for dessert. The kind of bar I know you love. Now am watching nonstop TV, might even do a hotel movie. Total wonderful veg out day. Meanwhile:

You are stuck in shitty cold [my college town]. Stressing out over finishing your work and studying for exam week. Eating crappy dorm food and having to put up with your evil mother who constantly reminds you how crappy you have it.

Life does not get any better for me!!!!!!!!!

Love, Mom