Burying the Lede

Backstory: I received this letter my second year of college, after a false rumor was spreading around my hometown about a possible impregnation of my girlfriend.  I saved it for posterity.

Here is the insurance card for your car.  I didn’t think you would be home before it was due.

I heard what the rumor was up at the school.  I only hope if that ever happens we hear it from you first.  Also I hope if you’re having sex you are using condoms or some sort of protection.  That’s all I’m saying on that subject.

No much happening here…cold and dreary today.  I’m washing clothes and need to do some baking so I’d better get moving.

Take care



Give the Peace Sign a Chance

Some 25 Years ago your Grandpa told me that the peace symbol was negative and did not mean peace.
I was doing some research and found some info on it.
This symbol has been known as a Nero Cross and or a Teutonic rune of death used by Wiccans and Satanists in rituals. When you have a little free time you may want to google this and do some reading for yourself. If you still have the guitar strap with this symbol on it get rid of it for your own good.
I trust you are feeling better!! Love You , Mom

Lady Gaga Rumors

Daddy says Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite,  Is that true?    Mom

Love, Mom