Frugal is Very IN Right Now

My roommate and I decided to bring in a third roommate to share my room in our apartment to cut on costs and I was upset about the lack of independence it would bring.


I hope you had a great day and are looking forward to the future! Just because you now have a roommate does not mean you are going backwards – instead you are resourceful in order to keep the money you earn and save for the future you want. A little sacrifice now tastes so much sweeter later. IT should get you excited to find ways to save yourself some of that hard earned money. Frugal is very IN right now and it is very self satisfying. Cangratulate yourself and pat yourself on the back – I am proud of you. It is not shameful to save money – on the contrary. Satan wants you to think you are deprived but when you take control you have the power over money. DOnt serve it let money serve you!

Love you and I am proud of you. Be so grateful for this opportunity. God is providing.



Love, Mom