colder than a frozen douche

How’s it hanging toots? I want to hear how your first day went.  Emz showed me a couple pictures of you on  the computer from Prague (nothing bad),  You look good, Happy and relaxed or drunk I can’t tell so I’ll go with happy and a little buzzed.  This winter sucks so much weather wise.  It snowed heavy twice this week and it’s colder than a frozen douche.  Sorry I couldn’t resist. I was thinking the other day, I know now the world is in real danger now.  Wow , how egotistical is that statement? Life has a habit of becoming what happens to us not what we do. At the risk of sounding like dad “do unto life before it does unto you.” You know it would be funny if after years of Lollyism I turned into a spaceship carrying Scientologist. Thinking back on it, that’s their second commandment after honor L Ron Hubbard and all his cross dressing friends (not that there is any thing wrong with that).  Guess what you just called. Gotta go Lilly is on the phone.  love mom

Love, Mom