True Online Scrabble Confessions

Backstory: Me and my mom play scrabble on Facebook and she’s borderline obsessed with it.  I went to her house one day to find a dictionary RIGHT BESIDE her laptop.  She tried to say she wasn’t cheating by looking up words, but I guess she couldn’t take the guilt anymore.

I am sorry I used the dictionary.  I won’t any more.  I will probably never win again but I will play fair.  Sorry.  Bad example from your mother.

Scrabble Buff!

You won’t believe how amazing your Dad was last night! Of course I’m talking about Scrabble. I put down ZOO he then put down NUMERIC which made ZOOM on the triple and used all 7 tiles so he got 119 points. The I played something like TAP and he had SEDITION, this is the first time I’ve ever seen back to back all seven tiles used. We are going to be so “scrabble buff” by Thanksgiving. Talk to you soon, MOM

The Agony Of Scrabble Defeat

Anna and I were going to call you last night but we were wiped out. She defeated me in Scrabble – the worst I have ever been beaten. She started out with a bingo — vaginal.

Love, Mom