How to Deal: Self-Medicate!

Me: I have so much to do.  I have I’m not going to be home from the concert until late tonight, then I have to wake up ealry and pack for the weekend trip.   I am stressed out by all of the things I have to do over the next couple of days.
Mom: You need to just go out today and find someone who can get you a valium and just let everything go and ride along.
Me: are you kidding me?
Mom: just go along for the ride…
Me: are you suggesting that I illegally aquire drugs to self meditate?
Mom: Yes I am.  have fun honey!

Mother’s Helpers

The ambien is a small yellow round pill with the number 10 on it.  The xanax is a small elongated oval which has a crease down the middle to split it easily.  If I gave you a beta blocker, it may be blue, but I didn’t check that bottle these pill descriptions.  LLM

[LLM stands for "Later, Love Mom]

Love, Mom