How Mom REALLY Feels About Sesame Street

Me: So, the Halloween party I went to was really fun
Mom: Were there a lot of Snookis?
Me: No, didn’t see any Snookis.
Mom: She’s a degenerate.
Me: There were a lot of Lady Gagas.
Mom: I can’t stand Lady Gaga; she should be ashamed of herself.
Me: What?  I like Lady Gaga.  Oh, the group of guys we went with dressed as the Sesame Street characters!
Mom: I can’t stand Sesame Street.
Me: What?
Mom: They’re obnoxious.  I just never told you that growing up.

Sesame Street is 40 Years Old!

Backstory: The Google logo featured Cookie Monster’s eyes as the o’s in celebration of Sesame Street’s 40th birthday.

Hi honey,
Google made me smile this morning. Sesame Street is 40 years old!!
I thought they started it just for you!!
Do you remember anything you learned from that show?


Love, Mom