Engagement Shoes

Backstory: This is the first email I received from my parents after I told them I was engaged. My mom does not use the computer so my dad sends the emails on her behalf…

Mom wants to know what your shoe size is.  She wants to get you a special pair of shoes that help you to lose wt.

Love, Dad

New Year Shoe Concern

Mom: May I suggest boots/sturdy shoes for the walk tonight from your car to my front door? Sorry if this offends you, but I don’t want you to lose a pair of shoes. The snow that was there this morning may melt into ice or just freeze in place. Either way, it will be wet. Please place a rawhide in your pocket to leave with me for Archie. I checked my supplies this morning, and that’s all I need. Thanks.
Me: I’ve been wearing snowboots every time I step outside. Thank you for your concern.
Mom: I apologized in advance for my comment. Please remember the rawhide.

Blind Date Advice

So go out there and make a new friend out of this guy and be open and non-judgmental when it comes to his shoes.  Your outfit sounds absolutely perfect.



Not Ghetto By Choice

Backstory: The podiatrist diagnosed my mom with a degenerative joint disease in her big left toe. She somehow recently cracked the bone so she has to wear a boot to immobilize it for 2 weeks.

Hey girls -

This picture is per Tal’s request, cuz she said she needed a good laugh!!! JK

Anyway– be warned….. this could be you in 30 years if you keep on wearing high heels. And let me tell you, it does not feel good!!!

love ya- take care. Mom

P.S. the Yo Mama title is becuase I am getting ready to go ghetto to work tomorrow (one pant leg pushed up). Not by choice, though!!!

Love, Mom