Sis Is In High Priss Form

Mom: Warning: sis is in high priss form.
Me: Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!
Mom: Yes, darling, that’s it exactly. Just be prepared. No one is smarter about food, excercise and anything else. Maybe we can stuff her full of carbs and wine and calm her down!

Hand-Me-Down Bras

Mom: Don’t forget to look through your sister’s old bras to see if any fit you. They don’t fit her anymore (since her recent weight gain, ahem) but I figured you could take some.
Me: Looking through right now… Uh these are def too big for me :/
Mom: Well you could always take them anyways just in case.
Me: In case of what?
Mom: I dunno, maybe one day you’ll get a boob job and need some bigger bras.
Me: Are you saying I need a boob job? Gee thanks.
Mom: ya never know

Score a Point for Satan

Backstory: My sister and I were arguing about who owed money to whom.  We were NOT upset, but my mother heard about it.

Dad called and I told him that you both were upset over money. He said,”My Gosh, I can’t believe that they would get their feelings hurt over a few dollars. Have they forgotten how blessed they are that they have each other and they have jobs and are not starving.”

You two have allowed money to influence your relationship with each other. Score a point for Satan.

Dad told me to stay out of it.

Love, MOM

It’s a Lovely Gift of Love to Your Sister

Here are addresses for K’s out of town family. [addresses removed]. Possibly more to come. would you please email J the guest list along with addresses. as she will be needing it to write thank you notes.R are you including a map for out of town people? I think ths would be very helpful. plus it will cut down on receiving multiple phone calls. also  please put my telepohne number as one of the numbers to RSVP too. J is registered at William&Sonoma, REI, and Macy’s. thank you R for all of this work. it’s a lovely gift of love to your sister. thanks for the other day too. listening at the mall. I felt much better afterwards. except that I had kleenex stuck to my face around my eyes. little bits. :) lol. please let me know if you need any help with invitations. Oh if possible when we finally get a complete list of  shower guests would you please email me this list as I will need it to use as a check off list and also as a final count for the resturant. love to you R. Mom

Love, Mom