I was really sorry I missed your call for my birthday. Thanks for the picture disk; sorry I haven’t gotten one off to you. I can’t believe with Linda here I completely spaced on picking your things up at the armory. I’m going to try to make it there tomorrow. I am having a party here tomorrow and it should be a lot of fun. All girl-sleep-over optional. I don’t want any drunk drivers. We’re playing WII, Karoke, cards, ping-pong and just being nurses gone wild…wish you were here to celebrate. Can’t believe I’m 50 hoping for a better decade than the last one. I’m glad things worked out for your leave. Is this a short one? Are you going somewhere? Well I’m off for now. Love, MOM

Lake House (S)expectations

Mom: ok. you know there will be drinking. use your judgment.
Mom: also, boys have certain expectations when they take girls to lake houses. is this boy trustworthy?
Mom: are there any other girls going?
Mom: call your sister
Me: I am the shuffleboard champion!
Mom: great  !sounds much moe wholesome than i feared!
Mom: you could be at home with your dad watching Tiger win again!

Love, Mom