Help Wanted

I need to hire a housekeeper.   If I make contact with your person, I will discuss pay, but if you care to tell me how much you pay, that would help.  Also, I wish that you would be honest in your assessment of the individual.  I have been burned twice recently and I would just as soon do it myself rather than get another problem child.  And, if you’d like to forward this e-mail to any of your friends, please feel free to do so.  MUST be legal.  MUST speak English in order to answer the phone and handle emergencies.  Will not have to do laundry (except folding sometimes) but will need to iron and also polish silver.  Prefer to have someone either Tuesday,Wednesday or Thursday for about 6 hours (Can leave earlier if finished.).  It would be nice if she has other employers who are flexible enough to be able to switch occasionally.  I would like some references, if possible.  I do not care where this person is from or what color she is, but I need to be able to undertand her.

Love, Mom