Beware of Senor Sock Monkey

Backstory: So, I have this creepy sock monkey that my mom likes to use to scare me whenever she comes over to our house. She hides it in creepy places so I will later find it and be afraid. I recently decided to return the favor by sneaking it into her house and hiding it. This is the email I received after she found it.

Senor Sock Monkey has returned for a visit.  He could not stay away.  SoMo, as I affectionately call him, likes it here better than there.  He told me so.  He has also suggested some rather disturbing plans concerning my dear daughter and her significant other.  I told him, “No, SoMo, we could not possibly do those types of things, because it would be too scary.  No, SoMo, no!”  But alas, I fear, SoMo will not listen to me.  He does have a mind of his own.  For now however, you both are safe for SoMo and I are enjoying our reunion.  Ahh, SoMo, my dear, dear companion.  No one understands me like Senor S. Monkey.

Beware his return………………

Love, Mom