Project Bye Bye Favre

Backstory: My mom is a 55 year-old Indian lady. She recently started watching football.

Even I was livid watching the bozo and I couldnt care less about football. They had project bye bye FAvre and burned his jerseys then they stopped . But they had groups standing outside and chanting things about Favre. People in MIlwaukee are thoroughly disgusted and depressed about this blatant traitor -idiott.
I hope he breaks his arm

Sports Sympathy

Backstory: I am an Eagles fan. Also being a dog and animal lover, I was upset about them signing Michael Vick and had e-mailed my mom about it. Mom is a die-hard Yanks fan and was trying to relate!

You sound really upset, and I am trying to get a sense of your feelings. I guess if Derek Jeter or one of the Yankess was in this situation, it would be difficult for me. Geez…..I am having a hard time with the fact that Arod touched that slut Madonna.

bad bachi

Backstory: Our family is picking the NFL playoff winners and we are all diehard Chargers fans. My mother is the only person who didn’t pick them to win.

Ross is also predicting at least one TD by the Chargers defense or special teams.  Laurel has a smiley face next to the score on that one.  If they lose, I will obviously be blamed for the bad bachi I have inflected via my choice.

Hasty Banana,

The Reason Was Imperialism, Obvi

SUNY in the 70′s ditched their name “Colonials” and the newspaper name, “Colonial”.  the newspaper is the pipe dream (of course).  i think you already know this.  And the reason was just that – imperialism.


love, mom

Stinky Old Farts

Boy does my tennis team stink!  We are a combination of not seasoned enough and old farts!  This doesn’t make for a winning combination!  Yikes, we are 0-4!  The only individual win we have is because the other team had a default!  stinky.  We will play in Whistler, they have a tennis facility across the street!  :)  Can’t wait!

Luv ~ Me

and it was wicked awesome

Dear Red Sox Nation,
I was able to get up close to the Red Sox team today, literally 5-6 feet away, at the starting point of the parade, which is across the street from where I work. I saw them all and it was wicked awesome and there was confetti everywhere and music that made the crowd rock. So there you have it–a day in the life of yo mamma! Dave, I hope you are now safely esconsed in the arms of your West Coast loved ones…..

I have his bobblehead doll.

I just read the paper and in the sports section LeBron James is in Las Vagas getting ready for the Olympics.  YOU might get to see him.  He sprained his right ankle, if you see him hobble by try and get his autograph.  Tell him I saw him play in Akron when he was in High school tell him I am a huge fan of the Cavs. I have his bobblehead doll. Be sure to tell Jim this great news too. Your mission today is find LeBron,  he might even be gambling at your hotel!
Get going,

Sour Milk and Spoiled Juice Boxes

Saturday, Went to a basketball game w/ dad, his friend and his girlfriends kids.. Total 4 kids ages 8-10. They were so loud and smelled like sour milk and spoiled juice boxes.. yuk!  Dad did not tell me there would be kids involved. Worst, we rode in one vehicle w/ them and it was nightmare.. Dad never apologized for putting me in
this horrible situation. The mother would not allow me to talk about death, bad words so conversations were all PG. She asked why I’m not a grandmother yet. That totally put me in the wrong mood…

Flap Your Elbow

I do not know the song. It looks like maybe Grandma does. I hope all is going well as you continue to shine on the softball diamond! Do you bang the plate and flap your elbow like you are supposed to?



This soccer practice is for you, Mom.

My heart is warmed! Thank you sweetie pie—honeybunny! I’m not going to hit reply all.



Love, Mom