Abundance of Squirrels

Me: I’m nuts, that’s all there is to it
Mom: Good thing you aren’t down here… we have an abundance of squirrels this summer!!

I Think We May Have To Move Out

There are twelve days of Christmas for a good reason! So, don’t stress about presents. We have a major problem here with a squirrel who fell down the living room chimney and is wedged behind a metal damper. The fire chief has been here and an animal control officer who lowered a trap down from the top, not him personally because he weighs 300 pounds, but that was two days ago and the animal is still there, moaning. It’s awful and I can’t go in the living room so no T.V., no plant time and no piano. Your father is planning to borrow a gun to shoot down from the top of the chimney tomorrow or I think we may have to move out. Love, Mum

It’s So Hot…

Backstory: My mom had posted something on her Facebook account about how hot it is where we live, and this is how she replied to someone agreeing with her.

The squirrels need pot holders to hold their nuts!

Love, Mom