Disapproval and Green Beer

saw your St. Pat’s Day photos on Facebook – looks like you had a good time – not that i approve of any of the things you were doing :-)

St. Patrick’s Day Momma: Irish for Today!

Mom: Are you wearing green today? I made an attempt. Tuesday already, the week is moving right along.
Me: I’m wearing a green tank top under a purple sweater, so I am. Even though we aren’t really Irish.
Mom: OH YES WE ARE!  OH..YES I AM.   Remember Grandma M…her maiden name was KIDWELL!
Me: I thought you told me recently that we were Scotch-English not Scotch-Irish. I’m so confused!
Mom: You are confused because you are PA Dutch and I am really sorry about that!   Today.. you are Irish!
Me: Hey, you picked the other DNA, not me!
Mom: It was the end of the 70′s I plead the 5th!
Me: Nice, mom, real nice.
Mom: I’m always here for you doll!

Love, Mom