Have I Thanked You Lately for Being Born?

Backstory: I recently filled in my mom about the details of an event from my childhood.

Gawd you’re soooooooooooo..cute….I don’t know…I’d love to claim credit for it…don’t know of anyone in the family with such a memory…besides bob….might be me smoking pot…and you not…you have a wonderful memory..but it’s got to be……….all you…and is it a “photographic” memory? I know the more you “use it” the better it gets..but you started as a “teeny” person doing this……..you’re guess is better ‘n mine…………have I thanked you lately for being born???thanx

You Probably Know Of This Icelandic Group

i just finished watched sigur ros – heima. it’s funny, because today i found a clipping i had to buy a cd called krunna (sp?), and some of the members of that group  play with sigur ros. you probably know of this icelandic group. i loved the film for the scenes of iceland…love,  mommy

Big Head Todd and the Momsters

Backstory: My mother has a habit of taking solo “adventures” to the most mundane places, then writing about them in excruciating detail.

Yesterday was fun.  I went to “Q-Jam”, a free concert in downtown Albuquerque.  The concert was really good.   The first was a blue/rock band called Indigenous which very much reminds me of Big Head Todd and the Monsters .  Then stopped by Cold Stone and got an ice cream cone while I waited for the bus.  Took the bus to another favorite of mine, Frontier Restaurant that sells the most wonderful hot fresh flour tortillas.  Munched on the tortilla while waiting for the bus and got home before 8:00.  Very nice day.

Now my next adventure will be a concert at the zoo on 6/13 with Indigo Girls.  I am sure you must have heard of them.  Just back into the road of keeping myself busy with the things I like to do …..

Hope you’re having a good weekend, too!

Love Mom

Love, Mom