Found You a Boyfriend on Oprah

Backstory: I came out to my mom this last summer and she is awfully curious when I’m going to be bringing home a boyfriend.

Mom: Adam Lambert on Oprah – He is pretty cool.  I would like him to be your boyfriend.  He could pay your student loans!   Tweet That!
Me: Oh my goodness mom.
Mom: :-) oh come on… you know it’s a good idea.  I could borrow his nail polish!
Me: You’re hilarious.
Mom: Cute boyfriends with cosmetics should be an advantage for me!   Work with me!
Me: I’m all for it.  Send him an email and set something up.
Mom: He should be so lucky to date you!

Transgender MD

Backstory: I’m transgendered.

Hey do youknow that there is a new premier TV show next week called Transgender MD? It’s about a transgendered woman gynecologist. Can’t wait!

Love, Mom
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