Old Friends Are the Best Friends

Backstory: my mum is getting new kitchen and was discussing it with her best friend, with whom she shares a passion for wine and cava. I got this text from her shortly after. Also, my mum had just gotten over a bout of flu.

I asked Linda whether to get a 6 or 12 bottle wine fridge. Her reply – “Well if that ain’t the dumbest question i ever heard. Must be 12. Need room for special occasion fizz, supply of day to day fizz and small corner to squeeze in a couple of bottles of the flat stuff. You are clearly still in a weakened state from the swine flu” I love my friend.

What’s Up With This Swine Flu??

We can talk tomorrow….sorry I was a little down….I’m sure tomorrow will be better. And what’s up with this swine flu?? It should be the WINE flu and we could all drink to it!!!

xoxo Love you much,

Start Littering, Stop Breathing

Backstory: I got a notice today saying someone at my office was diagnosed with the Swine Flu. Some good advice from my mother on how to handle it…

Wash you hands, wash you hands, wash your hands. Don’t share pencils, etc. Put a paper towel over the bathroom door handle as you leave and drop it on the floor if you can’t reach the trash can while you hold open with your foot.

PS Don’t breathe at work. Love, MOM

No Escape From Reality?

You need to remember to wash your hands frequently even though I think the government and media are over blowing the swine flu “pandemic”. Wash for 20 seconds – that’s the length of the “ABC” song or the first 8 bars of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. – MoM

Swine Flu Advice

Buy some face masks at a pharmacy NOW before they run out.
In Mexico, the masks are being issued to people.

Love, Mom