Leather Pants Advice: Taken

remember when i toyed with getting leather pants…and you talked me out of it…thank you thank you and again thank you…there was a teacher at last night’s faculty party in leather pants…ho ho ho

Teaching an Old Mom New Tricks

Mom: Daughter, guess what the kids called me at work today!
Me: What mom?
Mom: A dime piece!
Me: hahahahaha
Mom: And guess what they taught me to do!
Me: What mom?
Mom: They taught me to ‘walk it out’! Just walk it out just walk it out.

What’s Another Name For Pirate’s Treasure?

Backstory: I’m a middle school teacher and have been getting tons of Christmas presents, which I refer to as my teaching booty, from my students.

So did you get any more booty today?

Love, Mom