How Texting Works?

I’m trying to call Jessica to get my hair cut but it says her phone is disconnected. Can you text her for me?

Made in the USA

Backstory: I bought a car power adapter on sale but the original price tag was still on it and she saw it.

Mom: $60?!?!  Eh, what do you expect?  It was made in the United States.
Me: Really? It was made here?
Mom: Yeah, it says right here “made in USB port.”  Is that on the west coast or something?

Computer Emergency

Backstory: My mom frantically called me because her computer was acting “weird.”

Mom: Help! I think I broke my computer!
Me: What happened?
Mom: I don’t know. The screen went black and there’s lines going across it.
Me: What happens when you hit a key or the mouse?
Mom: It goes away but if I leave the room and come back 10 minutes later it comes back! WHAT DID I DO?!?!?
Me: That’s your screen saver
Mom: Well that’s dumb

I Want to Adopt Steve Jobs

I love you and my ipad.


Having Technical Difficulties

Mom: Do you know if this blackberry phone you were using has a setting where it will keep beeping if you missed a call or message?  Also what exactly does sms and mms stand for??? I think I have it just about all figured out except for that!

Me: SMS – Short Message (texts) / MMS – Multimedia Messages (pics and videos)

Mom: Ohhhh…what about my first question – can I set it up to alert me that I missed a call?

Me: I don’t think so.  The little light will blink red when you miss a call, text or email.  You’ll have to check the screen.  Your Motorola Razor is the only phone that did that…people hated it, so most of the other companies got rid of that feature.

Mom: Okay, you young guns know it all in the techno world. You are soooo funny and predictable – I just got done asking the other 26 year old that works here the same question and she gave me the SAME answer!!!

Me: “young guns” “techno world” Mom, really? You’re a computer teacher.

Setting the DVR to the Mom Channel

Got free dvr for 6 months, have it set up to record multiple quilting shows.  Sweet!!!!

Where the Heck is Click?

Opened your list as a word doc. It say to press control+click … where the heck is click? I have been racking my brains trying to figure out how to view a couple items. I tried control+every key and nothing. HELP!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention I need… HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Love you

Set Your DVRs… Or Not

There are two things on at the same time (my bedtime) and I NEED to see both! What am I going to do! How can I tape two things at once!!!!!!!!!1

Cell Phones 101

Mom: Hey, can you call me on my cell phone? I set the ringer to vibrate and I need to make sure I did it right. I’m getting ready to go in somewhere and I don’t want it to ring if someone calls me.
Me: (snicker) OK.
[Called Mom’s phone]
Me: Did it ring or vibrate?
Mom: It rang AND vibrated.
Me: It did? What are you going to do??
Mom: I don’t know. I don’t want anyone to hear it.
Me: Use the volume buttons on the side of the phone. There should be a button with up & down arrows on the side. Use that to set the ringer. Look at the display and set it to “Vibrate Only.”
Mom: Oh, I thought I had to go into Tools.
Me: No.
Mom: Okay.
Me: Did you set it to vibrate?
Mom: Yeah but I can’t hear it very well.
Me: Sigh.

IM Etiquette Lessons

mom: For now, I will stick with technical challenges like resetting my cell phone message after vacation and so on. Hey, got any plans for the 4th? And also, is it considered okay to type while you type?
me: What does that mean, type while I type?
mom: For chatting.
me: Oh, no, there is no problem there.

Lemon Line, Limewire, Whatever!

Mom: Hey, can you get me some more Marshall Tucker Band music off your Lemon Line?
Me: It’s called limewire, mom.
Mom: Whatever. I just know it’s citrusy and provides free music.
Me: Well, technically it’s not free, its illegal.
Mom: There you go again, ruining all my fun.

Spring Cleaning?

Mom: 890-
Me: ?

Help With This Live Chat Thingy

Hey, do you know how to do a “live chat” thingy? You know, chatting back and forth and it shows up instantly on the other persons computer as if you’re talking to them in person. If you know how can you show me how to sign up for that. I have Time Warner cable if that makes a difference. I sure am moving up in this technology crap.

iPod/iPhone Confusion

me: I finally put music on my iphone

mom: so it works like an ipod?

me: it is an ipod
it is also a phone

mom: how confusing

Mom Discovers iTunes

I can’t even believe you can get all this GREAT stuff for FREE!!!!! In the past hour I have downloaded through itunes hours of news shows from CSpan (I can believe that’s free, as we do pay for that news with our cable bills), hundreds of NPR, PRI, and BBC stations and shows, Wall Street Journal morning, which I never knew existed but nothing else the WSJ has is free, Grammar Girl, which is super duper and in such short clips that you don’t get bored, Economics Magazine which I used to subscribe to and quit because I don’t have time to read it, and on and on. I have free music too, from public radio stations. There is so many catagories of listening on itunes, it would take a year to get through it all. This must be how the early Americans felt when Jefferson and Franklin announced the first public library.

Photoshop Tutorial

yeah i looked at photoshop when you were here and its kinda hard for me to figure out.  i have correl draw too which is an awesome program but i have to be honest i dont know how to use it.  i go through the tutorial and learn all kinds of cool stuff to do but by the time i get to the end of the tutorial ive forgotten how to do the stuff i learned at the beginning.

Mom Gets Taken For A Ride

Mom: So I finally went a bought a new computer yesterday!

Me: That’s great! What kind?

Mom: I got a Dell laptop. And I also got a wireless mouse.

Me: Oh cool! Wish I had a wireless mouse!

Mom: Yeah, well I need it ’cause I’m going to get a scanner soon.

Me: What? What does a wireless mouse have to do with a photo scanner?

Mom: You know, to scan the photo you have to swipe the lazer from the mouse back and fourth across the picture!

Me: Oh my god, I bet the salesman had a field day with you.


I suppose the search goes on.  I’m still looking for a carry on bag/tote that is big enough, nice enough, and the right color!  We might need a Christmas trip to NYC!

***** is excited to come see you tomorrow.





Mom: You know, it’s a good thing I don’t have a YourFace account, because then I would be on the internet all day long.

Me: Ummm… MySpace?

Mom: Oh yeah, I guess that’s it.

Magical iPhone

I played with a kid’s iphone today…a marvel.  But it seems you still need a computer for pics.  But it did everything but the laundry.
Love, mom

Love, Mom