Does Our Insurance Cover That?

Me: I need to go to the orthodontist. My teeth are shifting…
Mom: I’ll have to see if our insurance covers janked up teeth.
Me: wow mom. thanks

Dream Investigator

OK. So I have a recurring dream that I can pull some of my bottom teeth out and then put them back in. So, last night when that thought came in my head as I was dreaming, I remember thinking, oh yeah, that only happens in dreams. Let me check it out. So I did, pulled one of my bottom teeth out and put it back…always worried that it won’t stay in though.




Gaping Nasty Yaps

Backstory: My mom uses free internet email, but complains constantly about the yellow teeth ads. She also thinks that I somehow possess the power to turn them off.

how do I get rid of these sickening teeth/mouths that just keep appearing on my email?
it makes me want to vomit to see their old gaping nasty yaps.

I Hope You Would Tell Me About Your Vagina Dentata

Quite funny. Hey, I think I realized you were an adult a few years ago. Even though what you sent is funny, I hope that you feel you can talk to me about those kinds of things anyway. I could never talk to my mom about sex since she just would never talk about it so I couldn’t ask her anything.

Anyway, the article was funny. A vagina with teeth, scary.

Dreaming of You

Hi honey!  I was thinking about you. Actually I had a dream about you last night. Kind of strange. I dreamt that you had a cavity on your left canine tooth. Is everything ok with your teeth? I know strange. I love you!
Love , Mom

Love, Mom