Looking for Woo Loo

mom: what is woo loo’s website address?

me: what is woo loo?

mom: the place you can watch TV shows on the internet.

me: you mean HULU?

mom: points for being close?

Letting the Internet ‘Tude Fly

Mom: Question: do you want a senior portrait?
Me: mehhhh
Mom: What the bleep…?
Me: I don’t want a picture of me in front of an Olan Mills background holding a graduation cap
Mom: Well, that DOES sound kinda crappy
Me: Plus, I don’t really feel that connected to my class or anything, so the yearbook isn’t a big deal
Mom: Um, OK.
Me: What, are you my 14 year-old-daughter? I don’t like your internet ‘tude, young lady
Mom: No, y’know, just messin with sounds, feelin my oats,playin fast n loose w/ punctuation. An it’s wild, baybee, WILD!!
Me: Ma, you crazy.
Mom: So is this all being preserved forever in some bomb-proof cyber data storage capsule er sumpin?

Mom vs. Computer

Dear Miss Stinkerton,

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your offer of advanced computer technology.  As you can see by the date of this reply, I am far behind in reading even my e-mail.  I haven’t read any of my favorite blogs in over a month.  The reason for this is there is a fuckin’ worm on my computer.  I have to close the internet connection and re-open another page 2 or 3 times, just to pay my bills online, because it has slowed everything I try to do to the speed of steam rising off fresh dog shit on a frosty morning.  I am so happy!

How about you help me with that problem, and also setting up my new printer and router instead.  Then we can talk about RSS feeds.  I love you more than gay porn. Gotta go to work now.

Yo Momma

No Congratulations Necessary

If you get that Congratulations thingy at the bottom of the screen saying you have won a gift certificate -
DON’T BELIEVE IT! It’s a trick. Believe me. love Granny

Web Secrets Warning!

Backstory: I asked for a PostSecret book for Christmas.

Watch out for posting “secrets” on the Web! Everyone knows the secret immediately and it’s not as anonymous as you think–even I could figure out the sender in 10 mins! remeber My Space teacher who posted the best part about teaching is Jul and Aug and now has no job! Also, EVERY mark on a computer can be traced and everyone knows who reads these secrets. THINK ABOUT it!

Computer Problems

I think that we are going to finally ditch AOL.  I want to save my favorite places and also my old email. The computer is running very slow.  I brought it down to the computer guy, and he recommends that we get a new hard drive.  He said that my hard drive is corrupted.  Who knows.  I was more concerned that it is too warm in this room and the fan is constantly going.  I will talk to you later about IE.  It will be quite a process to get Dad used to the new way of doing “EBAY”.  I may just go nuts.


Love, Mom