Mom’s Anti-Texting While Driving PSA

Backstory: These are comments on a pic I took of being at a standstill in traffic trying to get home from work – made by my mother who applies her make up while driving, usually rushing cuz she’s always late and has been known to take out a few mailboxes with her car. The most precious possessions are my kids.

Mom: It’s a cool picture. And I am prepared to help take care of your most beautiful and treasured possessions when you crash and become a prisoner, a vegetable, or an angel.

Me: OMG Ma I was multi-tasking while driving. I learned from the best ;)

Mom: I can’t help it. I love you and I worry.

Texting is a Gateway Drug

Mom: Look at that guy! Texting and trying to cross! He probably texts and drives too.
Ugh it just drives me crazy! Maybe I’m just jealous because I’m not a part of it.
Me: HA I can teach you how to text.
Mom: No. That’s just a gateway to things like FaceBook and MyFace.

Love, Mom